what is the name of the white plastic that looks

What is the name of the plastic sheet that looks like corrugated cardboard

interesting question.....this depends on the colour of the sheet. if its white the stain will be see through, if its a dark colour it is likely to be white, but also thi … s depends on the…get detailed info

American white pelican - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Taxonomy The German naturalist Johann Friedrich Gmelin described the American white pelican in 1789. The scientific name means "red-billed pelican", from the Latin term for a pelican,…get detailed info

What is Acrylic? (with pictures)

Acrylic is a clear plastic. It resembles glass, but is stronger, lighter, and has many other advantages ... Although marble gives you a nicer more appealing look acrylic is better because of…get detailed info

Are Asians Increasingly Undergoing Plastic Surgery to Look White? | Alternet

Going under the knife in the name of beauty was, for a long time, a move toward having a Caucasian face. ... told me she never thought she wanted to "look white." "In fact, I wanted to look…get detailed info

Plastic explosive - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It is still referred to by this name in France and also by some Americans. C3 was effective but proved to be too brittle in cold weather. ... USA: C-4 (Pure White)(Composition C-4) United…get detailed info

Plastic Plates for Weddings, Disposable Wedding Plates

If you're looking for the convenience of disposable dinnerware and the look of real china, ... Lacetagon White Plastic Plates CHINA-LIKE ROUND TABLEWARE *BY THE CASE* CHINA-LIKE SQUARE…get detailed info

The New Look in Plastic -- It's Paper! : Plastics Technology

The New Look in Plastic -- It's Paper! By Jan H. Schut ... Newcomers to plastic paper today have the option of purchasing some formulating know-how off the shelf. A. Schulman offers a series…get detailed info

Hard Plastic Vintage Dolls Identified 1950s

1950s Marcie Nancy doll and Sluggo doll, 8" tall, box front names the dolls "Sluggo and Girl Friend, ... Ideal Saucy Walker look a like, hard plastic jointed walker body, wigged, sleep eyes,…get detailed info

What is the plastic called that you put over lights to make the it change color?…

What is the name of this plastic? Can any colored plastic be used or would it melt or burn? ... Pink or red gels really would not do much anyway to change the lighting from fluorescents…get detailed info

Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery - The Star Look Pretty Horrible

Mary Tyler Moore plastic surgery did not seem to be very much an excitement we expect to see. ... She could not resist the temptation that she could have better nose bridge, better lips and…

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